Add Print Design and Marketing

Print design and marketing is no digital tool, but it continues to play a role in the marketing lineup of many online marketing companies. Print marketing works well alone, but it works best as part of branding, email marketing, social media and other digital marketing campaigns. Are you ready to add it to your marketing lineup?

Benefits of Print Marketing

Many companies have moved away from print design and marketing, but there are others who still use it in the following ways to win over new customers and keep old ones:

  • Provide physical statements, invoices and receipts for customers and clients who need one.
  • Create membership cards as part of loyalty programs to keep customers coming back in person or online.
  • Offer coupons to encourage customers who might have otherwise chosen other alternatives to purchase from the business.
  • Create menus that customers can use at restaurants to decide what they want.

Tracking Print Marketing

Many companies shy away from print marketing because it is harder to track, but we have several tools in place that make it possible. When you can track whether print marketing brings customers to your physical or virtual door, you have a better chance of determining if it is a good fit for your marketing plan.

Does this sound like an addition you would like to make to your marketing budget? Contact First Source for more information at 781-968-5503.