It is well-known that a great many investors have accumulated considerable wealth through real estate transactions. One of the transactions with the greatest return is investing in a multi-family property because you have several tenants paying rents concurrently, which increases your incoming revenue. Here are some tips on how you can save money with your multi-family property investments.

Buy Properties with Greater Tenancy Potential

Banks are much more inclined to finance multi-family properties than they are to finance single-family buildings. This is because if a tenant moves out of a single-family building, it becomes 100% unoccupied, whereas if one tenant moves out of a building that houses 20 tenants, the building would only be 5% unoccupied. In other words, it’s a much less risky investment for a bank to finance the purchase of a multi-family property than it would be for a single-family dwelling. This means it’s to your advantage to find a property that can house a greater number of tenants.

Hire a Property Manager

It might seem like hiring a property manager would be an expense that you don’t want to incur. However, when you consider the fact that without a property manager you would be personally obliged to commit your time and resources to all kinds of maintenance and repair requests, a property manager seems more attractive. In the long run, you could actually save money by hiring a property manager to handle all tenant relations for you, so that you can be free to devote your attention to more important business.

Purchase Large Units

By purchasing large multi-family properties, you can build up a portfolio much more quickly than you could by purchasing smaller establishments. For instance, consider how much more quickly you can build up your portfolio by purchasing a 20-unit apartment complex, as opposed to purchasing 20 separate single-family dwellings. In the latter case, you might also have to apply for 20 different loans, whereas with a single large multi-family property, you would only have to apply for the one loan.

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