The social media marketing landscape is continuously changing. It’s not all about increasing your follower count; there are several more compelling factors that affect the way social media marketing is evolving. Concerns with trust and privacy, always-on connectivity (due to increased mobile consumption), and ever-changing algorithms are all altering the way that people use and respond to social media. As you incorporate awareness of these factors, there are several ways you can adjust your strategy to increase engagement.

1. Choose the Right Platforms 

It’s vitally important to know where your ideal clients spend time on social media and focus your efforts on those specific platforms. Make sure they’re relevant to your customers — it’s not necessary to be present on every single one. Being more focused in this area will ease your time and budget, releasing energy to craft targeted, creative campaigns that increase authentic engagement. Study your audience’s demographics and online habits, and your company’s industry and goals in order to make the best choices.

2. Blend Organic and Paid Reach

Paid social media needs to be a part of your overall social media marketing plan, blended intelligently with organic growth. Balancing your existing audience and potential followers is key. Facebook, in particular, is long past the days of Pages being able to increase and sustain their following on the basis of organic growth alone. That said, making all of your posts appealing and high-quality will boost your organic engagement.

3. Consider Using Micro-Influencers

Brand influencers with huge followings, while still… influential, are gradually being edged out by micro-influencers. While their numbers are smaller, their audiences are fiercely loyal, engaged, and eager to try out suggested brands.

4. Focus on Analytics

Social media platforms have powerful analytic tools that drill down deeply into responses to posts and paid efforts. In order to run a successful social media campaign, pay close attention to them. They give you valuable information that you can use to budget and post wisely.

5. Focus on ROI

Engagement and investment are important — it’s also crucial that you consider the ROI (return on investment) of every social media marketing campaign you carry out. Social media is reaching a new level of maturity in which the monetary effectiveness of campaigns is a primary consideration.

Creating social media marketing plans that take into account recent developments is essential to the success of your business. Try these strategies to stay up-to-date.