When you dive into the world of digital marketing, you may get lost in the array of digital marketing analytics you encounter. There are so many things to track, so how do you know the ones that are essential to keep your business afloat or, even more importantly, to thrive?

The key here is to focus your attention on your buyer’s journey. This includes how visitors go from being unaware of your company to become an evangelist or customer, and ultimately, bringing in more revenue. It is crucial that your analytics are tied to your business’s ROI. Keep reading to learn about some of the most important analytics to focus on.

Website Traffic 

If there is no context to this number, it could be considered just a vanity metric. However, when it is broken down, it can be invaluable to your marketing strategy. You should segment your traffic source as a first step. Start tracking these traffic channels to do this:

  • Organic
  • Direct
  • Referral
  • Social
  • Paid

Most businesses are focused on organic traffic. However, when you separate your traffic based on the source, you can find new opportunities for your business. This includes if you should focus more on brand awareness or increasing your social engagement.


Conversions include the “good stuff.” These include all the actions you want people to take while on your website. You may think of these as “macro” conversions, such as filling out a contact form or downloading an eBook; however, “micro” conversions, such as blog subscriptions are just as important. It gets site visitors into your system in the form of a contact. From this point, the goal is to convince or encourage them to become an evangelist or customer.

When you track conversions, you can begin to recognize the actions that visitors are usually taking before they become customers. Once you understand your customer, you can identify the most common themes and develop content using answers, responses, or helpful suggestions. Just like with any other marketing tactic, the most important element is measuring the overall success of your efforts.

Are You Ready to Measure the Right Analytics? 

Measuring the right analytics is the most crucial thing you can do. Being informed and knowing what these are is essential to your business’s ongoing success. This information will provide you with the best possible results for your website and your business’s ongoing digital marketing efforts.