Busy business owners and entrepreneurs have a lot on their plate; delegating tasks helps. It is human nature to want to take on everything, but it is simply not practical. The key to surviving and thriving in today’s market is to take assistance where you can and capitalize on the strengths of your team through a division of labor and delegating tasks.


The first hurdle to overcome as a business owner is being comfortable delegating tasks, and therefore, giving up some control to another member of the team.  Give up the notion that nobody can do it the right way except for you and give members of your team the chance to shine. Showing this faith in your staff can also help make them receptive to taking on new tasks and challenges.


As a business owner, you also have the option of outsourcing tasks to outside entities and contractors. For instance, if you are not going to market or advertise your business yourself, you may want to hire a marketing professional to do this for you. Wherever you find gaps, consider filling with outsourced labor.


Effective team leaders and small business owners make it their job to identify the inherent strengths of the team- and delegate tasks accordingly. Having a familiarity with the members of your team and knowing their distinct areas of expertise and past work experience can be a great tool in finding niches for each staff member to fill.

Some common areas to delegate may include:

Accounting and payroll
Information Technologies (IT) and Tech Support
Customer Service
Social Media Marketing
Travel Arrangements
Shipping and Receiving Orders

Depending on the size of your business and employ, you may want to handle some- or all- of these categories in house. However, make sure that you are considering the cost-efficiency of delegating these areas to your team versus outsourcing.

Use these tips to successfully and strategically delegate tasks to the members of your team. When it comes to money, talk to the experts at First Source Capital for financial options to help your business thrive and prosper.