Going green can offer many benefits to your business. You can save money on utilities. You attract more customers who are looking for companies that have the same values. You may even reduce confusion by going digital with documents. Here are a few tips to make your business more sustainable.

Turn Everything Off Every Day

Don’t leave your appliances on every night. Turn off printers, lights and office gadgets when you go home. While you’re thinking about energy efficiency, look into upgrading to LED lights or buying energy-efficient appliances when it’s time to replace.

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

Set up recycling bins in your office to make it easy for employees to recycle. Freecycle old printers or electronics to non-profits or schools that can use your cast-offs. When you are buying furniture, look for used items that fit the bill. You may find shelving at a local thrift store that works just as well as new.

Use Less Paper

Only print what is absolutely essential. Use recycled paper to print on. Stop junk mail catalogs and flyers. Ask vendors to email invoices. Use digital document signing software. Store documents to the cloud or a secure server.

Work With Like-Minded Businesses

Network with other organizations that are going green to reduce your carbon footprint. As a green business, you want your supply chain to be sustainable too. Your cleaning company needs to use green products. Your business cards can be printed on recycled paper. Your shippers can use less cardboard and plastic for shipping.

Keep Educating Yourself

You may not be able to completely go green in one week. It doesn’t make sense to buy new sustainable equipment if your current stuff is working. Stay educated and keep thinking about ways to be more environmentally conscious.

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