When you are looking for exciting ways to diversify your investments, commercial real estate is one of the best options to consider. While many people assume residential properties are where the money is, commercial investments can yield much bigger results. Of course, there’s a bit more work involved with this decision. For one, you need to know the different types of properties available. The exact kind of property you select will play a big part in your success from this endeavor.

Retail Spaces

One of the most popular options when it comes to commercial investment is retail space. Typically, this will include any building that has been zoned to house retail businesses. Strip malls and shopping centers are common examples of the properties available in this category. When you invest in a space with multiple units, it allows you the opportunity to rent out several spaces at the same time. This provides you with a consistent source of income from the property instead of a single line of cash.

Multi-Family Homes

Another interesting option to consider commercial real estate is a multi-family home. Much like retail spaces, a multi-family property like an apartment building can offer investors the chance to see multiple income lines from the same piece of real estate. Look for properties in up-and-coming neighborhoods to guarantee that you will be able to move all of the units. The more work you put into running your building, the bigger the profits.

Industrial Options

You may also wish to invest in more complex commercial properties like industrial facilities or warehouses. While these spaces don’t offer you the same benefit of having multiple streams of cash from one property, industrial investments often yield higher returns overall. This is usually an investment that requires a good amount of research and some knowhow in the manufacturing industry. Give yourself time to feel comfortable with the ins and outs of this type of property before making your final decision.

Office Buildings

Finally, one additional type of property to consider is an office building. These are properties zoned to single businesses or multiple companies. There are different classifications for this type of commercial real estate, so be sure to look over the details to understand what your investment will entail.

Getting the most out of your investment in property is about taking your time and doing a bit of preliminary research. Look into the details of the property options mentioned here and find the right fit for your future.