Finding employees with a passion for your organization isn’t easy. Hiring people who can do the work is one thing. Inspiring those people to put their best work forward every day is much harder. Loyal employees are made over time. Here are some tips to inspire loyalty in your team and to keep your best employees engaged with your organization.

Give Employees the Big Picture

Team members who are connected to the overall strategy of your business will be more engaged with their part. When you share the business strategy and goals with your team members, it lets them connect their job with the company’s success.

Collaborate With Employees on Goals

People buy-in to decisions that affect them when they have a chance to give their opinions and even vote on major proposals. Shared decision making may not always be possible, but when you can let your team have their say, you should get better outcomes. Your team may come up with innovative ideas because they are the nuts and bolts of how things work.

Make Decisions Transparent

When you adopt new policies or strategies, be transparent about why and how. Change is never easy, but when employees understand the bottom line, they can adapt quicker. Honesty and open communication often goes a long way in creating loyalty. When your team knows they can trust you, they’re more likely to stand behind you.

Reward Employees For Going Above and Beyond

Employees who feel recognized will work harder for you. Team members who cross-train to step in when someone is sick or who are active in your efforts need recognition for their efforts. Be creative in finding rewards. One team member may respond to tickets to a game while another may appreciate a spa day.

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