There are many things in life that always complement each other: bread and butter, red and green, printers and ink. When it comes to the online business and marketing world, however, it’s harder to find things that stick together for very long. As a result, this can be detrimental to your marketing strategy since trends and consumers are so often fickle. Thankfully, there’s one area where there’s seemingly no doubt that the two concepts merge together quite beautifully, and that’s using SEO and content as one solid, productive strategy. Read on to discover why excellent SEO and content marketing so easily go hand in hand, and how you can leverage its potential for your own small business.

When you want your company to be visible to customers online, you need to make it stand out against millions of other competitors. For this reason, it’s crucial that you present a well-designed, user-friendly website for potential buyers to peruse at their leisure. However, what’s going to bring that traffic to your website in the first place? While basic advertising on social media can help steer some consumers your way, content is the real king of the sales and marketing world. After all, once the customer reaches your page, why would they stick around if there’s no informational or valuable content for them to enjoy? It also works in reverse. Before customers even reach your site, you can utilize content itself that’s been posted and shared to drive traffic to your site. With both strategies working in tandem, you can almost guarantee yourself a consistent funnel of traffic heading your way.

Now, content marketing requires not only providing valuable and informational posts on a regular basis, but content that’s enhanced with SEO techniques that are positively acknowledged by large search engines. Effective SEO tactics such as writing evergreen text, incorporating long-tail keywords, adding image alt text and meta descriptions, etc. can go a long way in boosting your content’s rankings on search engine pages, which can put your business out in front of your competitors in no time. The more creative effort and strategically-placed SEO techniques you put into your content, the more likely you are to land on first page search results, which is the cream of the crop for customer interaction. Therefore, SEO and content have to work in harmony to provide you with the optimal sales funnel and lead-generating traffic you need to succeed.

Once you’ve revised your content marketing strategy with advanced SEO tricks, you’re bound to see great return on your investment. Make these concepts work in your favor, and reap the rewards for years to come.